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Wellness Programs
* We have 2 different Wellness Programs. The 1st program is designed for the church setting. The 2nd is designed for the community, schools, businesses or organizations.
1. This first program consists of a six-lesson curriculum with an Integrated view point that was designed from a biblical perspective. All research was conducted by Shawn Latula, relating to stress from his background experiences in Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Anger Management.
2. The second wellness program is Unlocking The Stress Treasure Chest, Shawn Latula shows you how by providing real life cases and evidence based findings to enhance your personal well-being. These findings will impact your discoveries with a greater knowledge and understanding of your personal stress.
What is Stress Management Coaching?

Stress Management Coaching is bringing awareness to individuals and organizations to increasing productivity in the workplace. At Latula Coaching & Educational Group, we provide professional stress awareness services through group, one-on-one sessions, and mentoring. With technology we can coach you by multiple media outlets. By providing life coaching skills we help you to release your abilities that may have been stagnated. We assist you in discovering the stressors and provide educational resources for a happier and healthier living.

Stress has placed a mask on society allowing people to be unaware of various health issues that are connected mentally, physically, and spiritually. What is your Perception on your present situation? We provide you with a perception quadrant. In the book Unlocking The Stress Treasure Chest, it explains that everyone expresses their view point differently with various meanings. The perception quadrant teaches that people go through stages by developing their perception or belief system.

Your perception plays an important role on how it can affect your well-being. You or your company will be provided practical hands on applications to identify your personal stressors.

Through Stress Management Coaching we will teach you how to discover your stressors by identifying the following:

 The Personal Stress Profile consists of four parts.

  • Personal Tolerance Level: this indicates how much stress you can manage and/or willing to adjust too.

  • Personal Triggers: these are situations, events or things that causes you discomfort and it takes you over your tolerance level.

  •  Personal Vulnerability Factor: this is the most delicate areas or events that tend to affect you personally but may not affect someone else.

  • Personal Feedback: This is how you cope with the personal stress in your life. Do you react to attack or respond and be calm?

We have provided Stress Management Coaching with clients who have been struggling with stress related issues and were unaware of its root causes. Allow Latula Coaching & Educational Group, to work with you and your organization in developing a solution.


"Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them learn rather than teaching them" (Whitmore, J, 2004)


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